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By Murphy Dental Group
February 15, 2017
Category: Oral Health
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Maintaining your dental health care is an important part of keeping your smile clean and healthy and avoiding serious dental conditions oral hygienelike tooth decay or gum disease. However, learning the best way to do so may prove to be confusing or difficult. Find out how to best care for your smile with Dr. John Murphy and Dr. Patrick Murphy at Murphy Dental Group in Milton, MA.

How often should I see my dentist? 
Patients who are at average risk of developing tooth decay or gum disease should see their dentist at least once every six months. Regular examinations and cleanings are an important part of your oral health and help catch and treat conditions like cavities, broken teeth or infections quickly and effectively. Children should see their dentist for the first time by the time they reach their first birthday or when their first tooth erupts from beneath their gums, whichever event comes first. They should continue seeing their dentist for examinations twice a year.

How can I keep my smile healthy between dental examinations? 
You should brush your teeth at least twice and floss your teeth at least once every day. Avoid hard toothbrushes as they can damage the oral tissues. Use short, back and forth motions to brush all sides of the teeth, including the back side of your last molar. This hard-to-reach area makes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, so it is important to remember to brush and floss it well.

Regular Dental Cleanings in Milton, MA 
Seeing your dentists Drs. John and Patrick Murphy for a regular dental cleaning is a crucial part of your oral health. While your at-home oral care routine will keep bacteria and plaque off your teeth if performed correctly, a professional cleaning removes all instances of plaque and is the only way to remove hardened tartar on the teeth. Average patients should have a professional cleaning at their regular dental examinations every six months.

For more information on maintaining your healthy smile, please contact Dr. John Murphy and Dr. Patrick Murphy at Murphy Dental Group in Milton, MA. Call (617) 696-3900 to schedule your appointment with your dentist today!

By Murphy Dental Group
December 07, 2016
Category: Oral Health
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Do you ever wonder what might happen to your smile if you don’t visit your Milton dentists Drs. John and Patrick Murphy regularly?

We know you have a busy schedule. Whether it’s the daily grind of work mixed with errands, your kid’s after-school activities or your at-home responsibilities you may feel like your schedule is so full that you can’t possibly schedule one more thing. But wait a minute! If you don’t have our Milton, MA family dentists Dr. John M. Murphy and Dr. Patrick J. Murphy on the calendar at least every six months, depending on your personal needs, you need to revamp your schedule with us—here’s why:

To Detect Issues as Soon as Possible

Issues such as decay and gum disease don’t always cause symptoms, so it’s possible you may be dealing with one or both of these problems and not know it. Fortunately, by visiting our Milton dentists Drs. John and Patrick Murphy at least every six months you make it easier for us to identify problems early on when they are much easier to treat.

To Prevent Potential Dental Problems

These routine exams are designed to inspect the health of your mouth. By visiting us, at least, every six months, you can reduce your risk of developing many dental diseases.

Routine Visits Save You Money

At the time it might not seem like you are actually saving money by coming to the dentist regularly but trust us, it’s much easier to treat problems during their earlier stages with less invasive treatments than it is to wait until an issue is at a more advanced stage requiring more extensive treatment.

If it’s high time you scheduled your next dental cleaning then don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call Murphy Dental Group in Milton, MA. We are happy to provide your whole family with the dental care they deserve.