What Sealants Can Do for Your Child
By Murphy Dental Group
March 04, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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Sealants can protect your child’s teeth from the bacteria that cause tooth decay. In fact, children with dental sealants on their teeth are lessSealant likely to develop cavities than children who do not have sealants. At Murphy Dental Group, Dr. John Murphy and Dr. Patrick Murphy are your Milton, MA, family dentists for children’s dental sealants.

What Sealants Do

Sealants create a protective surface over teeth that helps keep cavity-causing bacteria from settling into the pits and grooves naturally found on your teeth. Brushing can sometimes miss bacteria that are trapped in these tiny crevices, so they are left to linger. Lingering bacteria can eventually lead to tooth decay and cavities. Sealants are typically applied to the chewing surfaces of the molars in the back of the mouth as these teeth tend to have a lot of pits and grooves.

Application of Sealants

The application of dental sealants is a simple process. The teeth are first cleaned to remove bacteria, tartar, plaque, and other debris. It is important to thoroughly clean the teeth to prevent anything from getting trapped under the sealant. Once the teeth are clean, the sealant material is brushed directly on the chewing surfaces of teeth. The sealant is then dried with a special light that helps the material harden. Hardened sealants can last for several years before eventually wearing away.

While sealants can help prevent tooth decay, daily brushing and flossing are still important. Brushing or flossing will not harm sealants. Additionally, your child should brush with a toothpaste containing fluoride twice daily and continue visiting their Milton, MA, family dentist Dr. Murphy regularly for dental checkups and cleanings. Maintaining good oral hygiene and dental habits will help promote better oral health in your child.

Dental sealants provide an additional measure of protection against tooth decay and can reduce your child’s risk of developing cavities. To learn more about what sealants can do for your child, schedule an appointment with your Milton, MA, family dentists Dr. John Murphy and Dr. Patrick Murphy, by calling Murphy Dental Group at (617) 696-3900.